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Home Networking course for beginners

Your Home is your Castle. And It is very essential now than ever before to have a reliable and secure home network. If you have strong knowledge of how your home devices are connected together and the security available, you will build the bullet-proof home network that never lets you down regardless of the load or the external attackers. 

The course has been created step-by-step for any beginner to gradually grasp and get started. I repeatedly refresh the series to ensure that it remains as up-to-date as possible. I hope you enjoy it!

Course Index:

  1. Intro
    🎬 Episode:1 ⌛ Runtime: 0:56
    Hello and welcome to the course. start here!

  2. Understanding the Networking Gear
    🎬 Episode:2 ⌛ Runtime: 8:49
    Introduce all the hardware devices in a home network

  3. Home Network Setup
    🎬 Episode:3 ⌛ Runtime: 3:01
    Connect your Modem and Router and set up the home network

  4. Router Security
    🎬 Episode:4 ⌛ Runtime: 6:25
    Log in and change the router's default username and password, Change wifi names, password and enable encryption. Update router firmware and also enable automatic updates

  5. Change DNS Server
    🎬 Episode:5 ⌛ Runtime: 4:28
    Benefits of using a reliable, secure DNS and how to change the DNS Server in your Router portal

  6. Network Address Translation
    🎬 Episode:6 ⌛ Runtime: 6:26
    Understanding NAT and how your home router routes traffic between devices

  7. Optimizing WiFi Network
    🎬 Episode:7 ⌛ Runtime: 6:51
    Steps to boost your home wifi network

  8. Port Forwarding
    🎬 Episode:8 ⌛ Runtime: 10:40
    What is port forwarding and how to do it

<This is a work in progress - I will keep adding more episodes as I create>

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