Create a WiFi network without internet connection for your smart home

Do you live in a home without an internet connection? and if you use mobile internet for your surfing needs? then you use the below steps to create a dummy WiFi network to talk to your smart home devices like the Philips Hue

The Philips Hue Bridge creates a system with smart lights that can be controlled through a Smartphone. It works without internet connection as far as both the Hue Bridge and Smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network. The Hue Bridge connects to the router only through RJ-45 port

Steps for creating a WiFi Network without Internet:

  • Go buy a cheap router (like the tp-link wr841n) for 25$ 
  • Connect both the router and hue bridge to power. Hook them up with RJ-45 cable (make sure to put it into a LAN port, not WAN)
  • The router comes with an already created WiFi network, the password is on the back of it
  • Make sure the mobile data is turned off. Connect your smartphone to it
  • Use the official Hue app to try to see the hub


  • HueDisco finds bridge but does not work because it can't complete its license check (because of no internet)
  • Normal Philips Hue App works fine
  • all4hue (free) works fine
  • HuePro also finds a bridge and does not have this license problem; works fine


posted on 17 Oct 18

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