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What is a travel router and how to use it to increase the wifi coverage of hotel room/school

A travel router is a compact router used to connect to public wired or wireless networks and in turn, creates its own private wifi network that your devices can connect to.

Why do you need a travel router?

  • You don't have to add new wifi networks to all your devices every time you visit a hotel or a cafe
  • It creates a private network and hides your devices from others and makes way for your devices to share data amongst themselves
  • It could turn  a wired connection to a wireless one
  • Or, it could simply act as an extender for your current wifi

My Hotel room has weak wifi, how to use a travel router to fix it?

If you’re staying at a hotel that only has wireless internet, you will want to turn the travel router into a Wireless Bridge instead. Login into your router management portal and set the operation mode to Wireless Bridge. Using this mode will allow you to keep your pre-set networks while connecting to the hotel’s Wi-Fi. This will create your own private wifi network with your own SSID and passwords, which is separate from the hotel's wifi network.

Travel Router Operation Modes

Travel routers have many usage modes that enable them to work in different ways. 

  • AP mode — Creates a wireless access point from a non-wireless internet connection, via an ethernet cable. For use in locations where there’s only access to a wired connection.
  • Router mode — This is your regular router mode. The router connects to the network, and your devices connect to the router. They remain hidden on the network.
  • Repeater mode — The router extends coverage of the existing wireless network. This is a good use for the router when you’re at home.
  • Bridge mode — Takes the existing network connection and broadcasts it with a separate network name and password, effectively splitting the network in two.
  • Client mode — Gives wireless capability to any non-wireless device by way of a cabled connection

How do you use your travel router? tell us in the comments

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