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Uselessly automated devices - When automation is a overkill !

Now smart things are the trend, connected fridge, tv, washer, dryer and what not and why not?

Here's an experience from the reddit user Mcfeely, in his own words "As a result of a recent kitchen remodel, i now have a "connected" oven. With a smartphone app (apple only) I can fully control the oven...except not. The oven has to be placed into 'remote ready' mode first , then the oven can be fully controlled...except not, it's a double oven and you have to pick which oven will be controlled.

So really what I have is the ability to set up the oven so that I can turn it on remotely for some reason, or turn it off...which I could program the oven to do automatically."

This just seems to be a device "cloud connected" for no useful reason whatsoever. So, do not over complicate things just for the sake of automation.


posted on 12 May 19

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