SHOW: Home networking project setup

At modemly community, We often showcase real home networking setups to inspire your next project. (Will keep it a regular thread)

Project 1: Simple network with only one access point

The above setup is from the Reddit user "EL_RICHY".He bought most of my equipment at my local Micro Center and Amazon. The list of items I purchased. 

  • Arris SB8200 cable modem
  • UniFi 8 port 60W POE switch
  • UniFi 8 Port POE powered
  • UniFi Security Gateway
  • UniFi Cloud Key
  • 2-UniFi AP AC Pros

He installed an AP on the main floor and was planning on setting up the second AP upstairs. But a single AC Pro so far was sufficient enough to cover the whole house.

Project 2: Advanced home network setup

Reddit user "Avernar" shares his home network setup, If you're curious, his last speed test was 1.715Gbps down, 1.010Gbps up with a 4ms ping.

In the rack:

  • 16-port LC/LC Multimode 50u OM3/4 Duplex Patch Panel. Number 16 replaced with an SC/APC Simplex coupler.
  • 24-Port Cat6 Patch Panel.
  • Netgear GS724T
  • Spacer for future 24-Port Cat6 Patch Panel.
  • Ubiquiti ER-8-XG EdgeRouter Infinity
  • Ubiquiti ES-16-XG EdgeSwitch 16 XG

How does yours look like? Show us your setup


posted on 14 Oct 18

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