How to add a second Router/Access point to increase home WiFi Range

If you live in a medium sized home and your primary router is struggling to deliver to all corners of the home, there is a quick hack. Just throw in an additional access point. The new access point will create its own new wifi network that will cover all the nooks of your home. And the good news! It is simple to create this setup

  • Plugin the wireless access point
  • Run a LAN Cable and connect the Router-1 and your new access point
  • Make sure DHCP is disabled If you reusing an old router as an access point
  • Simply set the SSID, password and security mode the same on both devices
  • Make sure to use different wireless channels from your main router for better performance

You are all set. Your devices can seamlessly switch between the two wireless AP and you should have a robust wifi throughout your home


posted on 19 Oct 18

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