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I started up my EE router on the 1st August. I am failing to open the Hub Manager because it is so new that it is not recognised in your index. Likewise I cannot get any joy out of either my printer of the updates for my Sat Nav.

Frank Cooper

@Frank-cooper sorry that we dint have the info for your router. Try to reach out to the product support of your router to see if they have a fix

No puedo cambiar mi contraseƱa megacable

I am sorry, i don't understand

Hide router korar pore activ hosse na!

I need to no how to find out who reset my wifi while I was out of town

Unfortunately, you cannot !

How change my user name & password

You cant change your username from the UI, I can do it in the backend though. What username do you want ? 

You can change the password from "Profile" section

Hello gays welcome ZTE f609